Traditional Japanese food has long linked miso with healing. Perfectly blended with the therapeutic Shiitake mushroom and allium vegetables. Miso soup has been used for hundreds of years to provide people with a treasure trove of health benefits. One cup of miso soup provides your body with many necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients which help fight infection, inflammation, and cellular breakdown. Miso also provides a wide array of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics which strengthen the immune system.


1. Miso is a Great Source of Many Vitamins and Minerals.

Miso is a superfood that contains many vital minerals and vitamins. It is also an excellent source of manganese, vitamin K, protein, copper, and zinc. Copper is a key factor in preventing cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.  Copper helps iron create red blood cells which in turn help maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, and increases immunity performance. Vitamin K is responsible for the production of prothrombin. Prothrombin is a protein critical to bone metabolism and blood clotting. Studies show a correlation between low vitamin K levels and the onset of osteoporosis. Zinc keeps the immune system strong while aiding in the production of proteins.  Proteins create and repair cells. Manganese helps the body create connective tissues, produce sexual hormones, and maintains nerve and brain functions.  

Miso is a Great Source of Many Vitamins and Minerals.

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