For those with celiac disease or others who choose to follow a gluten-free diet, pasta is generally off limits. Healthy, gluten-free Soba noddles, however, are made from buckwheat. Despite the name, buckwheat, also called Kashi, isn't actually related to wheat. If you choose to use the whole grain to help create a balanced plate, you can prepare it as you would other dishes made with flour. Buckwheat can be pasta, called Soba Noodles. These have an earthy flavor and are flexible for a variety of preparations. Commonly used in Asian cooking, especially Japanese, Soba Noodles are the answer to regular pasta for those who eat gluten-free.


1. A natural pre-biotic food

Scientists are just now discovering how important healthy gut bacteria is to overall health and wellness. When your gut bacteria is undernourished or out of balance, it can aggravate certain conditions, such as celiac disease and other digestive issues like IBS. These bacteria are probiotics, and they eat prebiotic compounds found in many types of food.

Soba Noodles contain prebiotic (bacteria-feeding) compounds that boost your healthy gut bacteria. In addition to the health benefits, healthy and balanced gut bacteria can also facilitate weight loss and ease PCOS symptoms.

Help soothe IBS


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