You may not have heard of this ominous ingredient before, but that shouldn’t put you off from enjoying its potent health benefits. Recently, spelt flour has become a trending health craze, and with good reason. It’s one of the oldest crops used by humans, and it refers to a wheat-like grain. Essential, spelt flour is a mix of emmer wheat and wild goat-grass. Due to its status as a unique crop, it can be difficult to find. However, it can improve your health in countless ways, so be sure to give it a try. Find out 10 health benefits of spelt flour.  


1. Improves Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation is essential for optimal health. The only way to achieve adequate blood circulation is to eat a healthy diet, mixed with a good amount of exercise. One of the best foods for blood circulation is spelt flour. This crop is rich in both iron and copper - two somewhat rare minerals. Miniscule as they may be, both are vital for the development of red blood cells. This can have a huge impact on the tissue and muscle of the body, which needs red blood cells to transport oxygen and nutrients across the body.  

Improves Blood Flow


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