Those tasty white and green onions that are common as garnishes on top of bowls of chili or various egg dishes also turn out to be incredibly good for your health. Scallions benefits one's body in a multitude of different ways. They affect your senses, body systems and alleviate various ailments. Once you know how many different ways this humble herb can improve your health, you'll be sure to add them to every supermarket list. Or order dishes they are featured in at restaurants.


1. Good for Your Eyes

It turns out that regular consumption of scallions are good for your eyes and help to improve vision. This is because it help to produce a protein called Rhodopsin due to the large amounts of Vitamin A that they contain. Rhodopsin is necessary for the retina to absorb more light and a regular production of it helps to prevent blindness and sharpen your vision. Regular consumption of scallions will also help prevent cataracts and corneal ulcers.

Good for Your Eyes


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