Prune juice is inexplicably linked to constipation, but the healthy juice can do more than just relieve occasional constipation. Prune juice has actually been for centuries in folk medicine to help treat jaundice, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. The fruit is extremely healthy to consume on a regular basis because it is high in dietary fibers, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. Adding natural prune juice to a diet is a great way to supplement your nutrition and boost your health.


1. Can Relieve Constipation

Of course, the most obvious benefit of prune juice is that it can help relieve constipation. Laxatives often had the side effect of becoming addicting, but prune juice is a natural way to help regulate your digestive system at any age. The high amount of dietary fiber in prune juice helps to relieve constipation symptoms while also adding water to your diet. As a bonus, prune juice also offers a boost in energy as it softens the stool so that you can experience more frequent bowel movements. For best results try to drink at least one serving of prune juice a day.

Reduces Symptoms of Constipation


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