According to research, eating celery is a great way to add a nutritious and delicious snack to your day. Although celery is sometimes forgotten about when thinking of superfoods, this crunchy vegetable has lots of important vitamins and minerals that make it an absolutely perfect addition to your diet. From fiber and potassium to vitamins C and B6, celery is packed with many of the most important nutrients that you need to consume to stay healthy. Whether you snack on raw celery sticks or cook with it, you should make sure to add celery to your shopping cart so that you too can reap these exciting health benefits.


1. Anti-Inflammatory

Celery is packed with valuable antioxidants and other nutrients that are known to lower inflammation. Since inflammation can be a cause of many serious diseases, it is always a good idea to eat more foods that fight to prevent it. Celery has been shown to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory conditions like arthritis, gout, and irritable bowel syndrome, along with others. You don't want to miss out on this important benefit, so even if you don't like the taste of celery itself, try dipping it in peanut butter or low-fat yogurt to improve the flavor.

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