When you think of chocolate, you think of sweet, delicious candy treats. Real chocolate, however, is made from cocoa nibs, which are pieces of the cocoa bean from the cacao plant. Although most people think of chocolate as unhealthy, there are actually a lot of good reasons to eat cacao nibs. Whether you're simply snacking on a few cacao nibs throughout the day or using them to bake with, you can benefit from consuming this wonderful food. If you're still not quite sure about cacao nibs, check out this list of health benefits you'll get from eating them.


1. Weight Loss

Foods that are high in fats and sugar aren't generally the ones you want to eat when you're on a diet, but incorporating cacao nibs into your diet can actually help you lose weight. Cacao nibs contain a compound called MAO which is often used as an additive in weight-loss products.

2: Aid in weight loss

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