Feta cheese originated in Greece in the early 8th century B.C. and is made with sheep and or goat’s milk. More commonly the feta cheese in the United States is made with cow’s milk. A tell-tale difference is a firmness in the cheese. Cow’s milk will make a firmer cheese. Feta cheese is widely available in the United States but for the authentic experience try products containing sheep or goat’s milk.    


1. Protects Against Cancer

Feta cheese carries multiple sources of cancer-fighting or prevention properties. These sources include the combination of calcium and vitamin D- studies have shown that the powerful combination of these two heroes can aid in the protecting the body against specific forms of cancer. Feta cheese also contains magnesium that is a vital component especially for those who suffer from a deficiency. Magnesium aids in the absorbing of the calcium. Lastly, alpha-lactalbumin binds to zinc ions and calcium and has antibacterial and antitumor properties to fight cancer. Feta cheese is a powerful agent in cancer-fighting properties.

Protects Against Cancer


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