2. Protects the body against diseases

Dietary fats should also comprise part of our diets. Good fats can reduce the risks of heart problems. They can help lower blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels as well. They can also reduce the presence of lipoprotein in our blood. Good dietary fats can protect the body against diseases, including breast, colon, and prostate cancer. A significant role of dietary fats is its effects on the body's immune system. It strengthens immunity which enhances the body's abilities to ward-off diseases. Fats play various roles in the functioning of the body. First and foremost, its main function is providing protection. Fats can insulate the body from variations in temperature. They can also serve as a cushion for protecting the organs inside the body. Second, fats promote growth and development of cell membranes. Third, fats aid in the digestion of vitamins. The fat-soluble vitamins need the presence of fat to dissolve them. Then, they can get absorbed into the body.

Macronutrients protein

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