We have all received education about the basic food groups that should compose our diets. At some point, we've also learned about macronutrients. These are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. They each have their own essential roles in the function of our body. They're known as macronutrients because we require them in large amounts in our diets. Of course, there are other nutrients out there in the form of vitamins and minerals. Our bodies need the three main macronutrients for survival. But what exactly is the role of each? Can we survive with one or two less of these?


1. Keeps the Muscles Healthy

The body needs proteins to build, repair, and maintain tissues. This is especially true for people who engage in physical activity. For those people, their muscles are always engaged and subject to damage. However, protein does not always equate use with muscles because it has other essential roles in the body. Enzymes and hormones are responsible for carrying out vital body functions. These are actually proteins. Other proteins also aid in the body's immune processes.

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