The Flexitarian Diet is a meal plan that focuses on adding more plant-based foods and limiting meat. Flexitarian is a term that refers to a vegetarian whose diet consists of meat and fish on occasion. The diet was developed by nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner who literally wrote the book on it. She believes that eating a vegetarian diet is healthiest, but recognizes that giving up meat isn't something everyone is willing to do. She designed a balance that keeps meat yet reduces and replaces it with lots of healthy foods to help lose and maintain a healthy weight.


1. Diet Freedom

There are so many diet plans out there that tell you what you can and can't eat, and this is not one of them! The whole idea behind the diet is being flexible. There are no foods that are restricted, but the purpose is to add more natural plant-based foods to daily meal plans. The diet gives you certain guidelines to stay within to help increase the chances of success. Some people still eat meat daily, but for only one meal. Others may eat meat twice a week.

Diet Freedom


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