Those familiar with the culinary world know rosemary is quite popular when it comes to seasoning and garnishing plates. The herb, which has an aromatic scent similar to pine and mint, has been gracing dinner tables for a long time. However, did you know rosemary is more than just a culinary herb? The natural health benefits of rosemary range from relieving body aches to stimulating hair growth. Not to mention, rosemary is packed with nutrients our bodies need to function.


1. Beautiful Hair

Physical appearances make us unique. Just like the color of our eyes and the tone of our skin, hair is individual to all of us. To keep your hair looking healthy and full, try adding some rosemary to your diet by seasoning your dishes or even drinking it with hot water. The oils in the leaves act as a natural disinfectant that protects the scalp from harmful bacteria that adversely affect the hair follicles, keeping your scalp healthy and your hair shiny. A few gray strands? No worries -- rosemary could also prevent premature graying.

health benefits of rosemary


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