Are you tired of eating the same bland meals day after day? It is time to spice things up in the kitchen! Check out these foods trends that you need to try. Not only are the healthy and delicious, but they are exciting dishes that you probably would never try otherwise. You might just find your new favorite food or drink! After all, they became trends because of their striking colors, original flavors, and healthy nutrients.


1. Root-to-Stem Meals

To prevent food waste, people are taking an interest in root-to-stem cooking. This food trend includes cooking with the entire fruit or vegetable rather than just a part of it. For example, carrot stems, broccoli stalks, chickpea juice, and yogurt whey can all be used for more meals. Don’t forget about asparagus tops, beet greens, and cauliflower leaves. Once you start thinking about it, you are probably wasting more food than you realize.

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