Avocados seem to be a no-short-of-a-miracle fruit. Consuming avocados on a regular basis can improve your health in several ways from lowering blood pressure levels to banishing belly bloat. This green fruit can also help you burn fat and lose weight when mixed with a healthy exercise routine. If you want to add avocados to your regular diet to quell hunger pangs and get rid of stubborn belly fat, then check out these 14 unique recipes for avocados. After all, guacamole is delicious, but you do not want to eat it every single day. From breakfast to dinner with a snack in between, you can make all sorts of tasty yet healthy meals with avocados.


1. Hummus

This delicious spread is usually made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, beans, and a handful of seasonings. It's a healthy fat, fiber, and protein mix. Why not add some avocado to this slimming appetizer? You can use it as a spread for crackers or simply dip chips right into this fat-fighting fiber. You may never eat the traditional version of hummus ever again.

avocados hummus


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