Have you ever thought about juicing, but weren’t sure where to begin? These juice recipes combine a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables that are packed with essential nutrients that will detox your body and help you lose weight. If you drink the detox juice on an empty stomach, especially first thing in the morning, your body will absorb the vitamins and minerals easier. Each makes two servings that you should enjoy chilled. They have minimal ingredients and only about ten minutes to prepare. Check out these detox juices that you should start drinking today.


1. The Ultimate Green Detox Juice

Most people think of green juice when it comes to detox, and for a good reason. One of the most popular juice recipes turns green thanks to ingredients like three leafless celery stalks, a cucumber, and eight leaves of kale. However, you also will blend a balance of fruits, which will make the drink go down smooth. Peel a half lemon, toss in a piece of fresh ginger, and add at least two green apples, cut in half, for sweetness. Apples are loaded with Vitamin C and beneficial polyphenols. A sprig of mint will also make this green detox juice extra tasty, too.

green detox juices


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