Winter can be demanding when it comes to losing or maintaining weight – short days and cold evenings make it much easier to snack, especially on sweets. We also crave more comforting, warming foods which are usually high in fat and calories, such as casseroles with heavy cream and a lot of cheese. Try including more of these 10 products – they are perfect for grey winter days and full of nutrients.


1. Sweet Potatoes

If you are bored with conventional potatoes and looking for a tasty and healthy alternative, look no further! Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index so they keep blood sugar at the optimal level protecting us from blood sugar spikes resulting in hypoglycemia and “energy crash”. They are also packed with as much satiating fiber as white potatoes, which fills you up and staves off hunger pangs. Plus, they’re super versatile! You can simply roast them in the oven with spices, make homemade fries, make a spicy sweet potato soup with cumin and coriander or prepare a warming casserole!


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