Not a lot of us are careful about the intake of micronutrients and composition of our diet. Let alone micronutrients; some people are not much bothered about the macros they eat either! However, such negligence can cost you your health. In fact, you would be surprised to know that several common bodily anomalies are caused by lack of micronutrients such as iron in the body. For most people, it takes some test for some disease when they fall sick, to detect such deficiencies. However, if you are observant and concerned about your health, the following signs of iron deficiency should have you running around for damage control asap!


1. Hair Loss

One of the chief causes of hair loss, especially in women, is iron deficiency. Over the years, plenty of researchers have found a link between low iron levels and hair loss. Amongst the various nutrients required for healthy hair growth and desirable scalp condition, iron happens to be an important additive. Therefore, if one is suffering from hair fall, increasing intake of iron may be a good idea. If that makes absolutely no difference even after four weeks of consumption, look into other possible causes and remedies.



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