Have you ever tried eating a nectarine? This is a delicious fruit of the Rosaceae family along with peaches and plums. They look a lot like peaches but without the fuzz. Nectarines are also known as drupes or stone fruits. This is because there's a hard seed enclosed in the soft and juicy outer flesh. These fruits are typically grown in regions with warmer climates. Nectarine trees only grow up to a medium height. Also, the trees don't have a long life like other fruit-bearing trees. The leaves of the trees are shiny, long, and bright green. They have margins which are slightly serrated making them quite distinctive. It has a unique aroma and a delicate flesh with a creamy white or deep yellow color. The outer skin, on the other hand, can have colors like white, yellow, pink or red. Aside from being delicious, nectarines also have some excellent health benefits.


1. Has Anti-Oxidant Properties

Nectarines have excellent antioxidant properties along with healthy components such as carotenoids, vitamin C, and polyphenols. All these components and antioxidants help protect the body by neutralizing the free radicals which may cause harm. Nectarines also contain phosphorus. This is an essential mineral which plays a huge role in the proper functioning of tissues and cells. The phosphorus content of the fruit is also helpful in the repair and maintenance of cells. Aside from this, nectarines also contain iron which has a massive contribution to development and growth. It also aids in hemoglobin formation in red blood cells.

Has Anti-Oxidant Properties
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