All fruits will have some benefits to the health system. Different ones have varying levels of benefits and so on; the ones with the highest levels of all-around good stuff are known as superfruits. They have elevated levels of antioxidants and immune boosting benefits. These fruits give you much more in one serving than others give you in two or three. Which ones are best? The list is long, but we’ve listed the top ten, so you can start a superfruit revolution in your body. You can begin reaping all the health benefits the best way: naturally!


1. Figs

Previously known as a bit of fancy fruit, figs are becoming more popular. Figs are one of the best sources of calcium you’ll get from fruit. They also have 20% of your recommended daily dose of potassium. They can be tricky to eat. If you are not into slicing and consuming it straight from the skin, figs can be put into salads or breakfast meals. You can also cook or roast figs to release the sweetness even more. Dried figs are also often available in the dried fruits section of your supermarket.

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