Oolong tea is a fragrant type of tea with a fruity flavor and a pleasant aroma. Although it contains caffeine, it still has a relaxing effect on the body. Oolong tea has a lot of health benefits because it contains a combination of green and black tea.  This tea originated in China almost 400 years ago. It's a fermented tea that's "semi-green." As soon as the leaves of the tea start to change their color, the fermentation process stops. This is why it's considered as semi-green because the leaves are only partially oxidized.


1. Supports Brain Health

Consuming this tea can have a good effect on cognitive functions. It contains L-theanine and caffeine; these components are well-known for their impact on the functions of the brain. These nutrients can help improve levels of attention, processing of visual information, calmness, and alertness too. The polyphenols found in the tea helps maintain and improve the functions of the hippocampus which is in charge of memory and learning.

Supports Brain Health


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