If you love to eat pasta but are trying to lose weight, don’t worry! You can consume spaghetti and more if you opt for a healthier noodle. Traditional ones are packed with calories and carbohydrates that leave you feeling sluggish. Luckily, you can make (or purchase) your own variations without sacrificing texture or taste that are not only are they low in fat but are nutritious. Check out this list of 10 of the best pasta for weight loss.


1. Quinoa Pasta

Even though quinoa is technically a seed, it is often used as a grain-like food. You can ground the seed into flour for pasta, which contains more protein than traditional flour. Quinoa is also rich in iron and magnesium; not to mention, it is gluten-free. The European Journal of Nutrition published research that links quinoa pasta to lower triglyceride and blood sugar levels compared to other gluten-free kinds of pasta. Keep in mind that you should always check the label; the pasta should contain only quinoa rather than rice or corn substitute with little quinoa.



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