These tasty beans are native to the Americas, but they have become a popular ingredient in Asian cooking, for example, many people include them in curries. Some people prefer to describe them as white kidney beans since they have a creamy color. While there is this difference of opinion about what to call them, there is general agreement about their nutritional value and the wider health benefits they bring. It has not yet reached the stage where they are readily available at the local fruit and vegetable store, but it should be easy enough to get them from one of the many natural food retailers.


1. A good meal plan choice for diabetics

How to design nourishing and healthy meal plans for people with diabetes is one of the many challenges that those with this illness have to handle. Cannellini beans are a foodstuff that people with diabetes can enjoy while also benefiting from its positive impact on their health. The beans contain substances that help to stabilize blood sugar and keep cholesterol levels under control. Therefore, in addition to the nourishment the eaters derive and the pleasure they bring to the taste buds, these beans can help in diabetes management.

A good food choice for diabetics

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