Not everything that is made from potatoes is unhealthy. In fact, there’s one potato variant that stands out among the rest due to its extensive health benefits. We’re talking about purple potatoes - one of the newest health trends in the dieting and fitness community. Purple potatoes are renowned for their beautiful, bright appearance as well as their multiple uses in the culinary world. So the next time you plan on making French fries, why not try purple potatoes instead? Find out ten health benefits of purple potatoes.  


1. Blood Clot Prevention

Blood clots are one of the most feared medical emergencies. They can appear anywhere at any time, making them a silent, deadly killer. Not all blood clots are deadly, but if left untreated, they may lead to severe complications. Thrombosis - the formal name for blood clotting - can be reduced in many different ways. Eating purple potatoes, for example, has been proven to help prohibit the coagulation of different enzymes within the bloodstream. This is thanks to a unique substance found in the potatoes called chlorogenic acid. Moreover, tests in mice have shown this remedy to be highly effective.  

Encourages Blood Clotting


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