Sorghum flour is popular in parts of Africa and India. Although its traditional use is in porridges, it comes in several varieties with different culinary options. For instance, baking or inclusion in breakfast cereals. More people in Europe and North America have started to discover its health benefits. Although they are unlikely to find this flour on the shelves of the local store, it is widely available from natural health outlets. There are many good reasons to prefer sorghum flour to the familiar white flour sold in supermarkets. It is much richer in nutrients and safe for allergy sufferers.


1. Meets demands for gluten-free flour

The number of people who cannot eat foods containing gluten appears to be on the rise. Some suffer from the celiac disease so eating gluten foods is likely to cause them serious health damage. Those with allergies do not face the same risk, but these kinds of foods still set off unpleasant reactions. The range of foods that contain gluten makes it difficult for those in these groups to make satisfying and varied meal plans. The problem magnifies when it comes to enjoying baked foods. Sorghum flour offers a safe and very welcome alternative baking ingredient.

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