Many of us like to enjoy yogurt-based foods such as smoothies or salad dressings on a regular basis. But only a few are aware of the tremendous benefits that come with yogurt. That's why eating yogurt can help develop some key aspects of our body, including bones, muscles, and skin. For these reasons - and countless others - yogurt has been an important part of our gastronomy for centuries. For example, yogurt can reduce our risk of heart disease, and it can help us manage our weight.


1. Nutrient Rich

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefit of consuming yogurt is that it is a well-rounded an overall nutritious food that should be included in your diet. Whether you prefer a bowl of yogurt in the morning or an afternoon smoothie, yogurt has both the nutritional value and the taste to make it one of the best foods out there. It contains a range of healthy nutrients such as calcium and vitamin B, all of which are necessary for good body function. Moreover, yogurt contains some lesser known nutrients like phosphorus or potassium which are equally important.

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