If you ask an average person to name a favorite berry, they are more likely to mention strawberry, gooseberry or raspberry than the goji berry. However, anyone who takes an interest in natural food cures is certain to have heard about this special plant. Goji berries grow on bushes in East Asia and America. The bushes thrive in shady conditions. Although the berries look quite fragile, these looks can be deceptive. This is a hardy plant able to withstand great variations in temperatures. The bushes produce white or purple flowers in the spring and from these berries of various colors develop, Goji berries appear in a range of colors from bright orange to a deep red color.


1. A powerful antioxidant

The battle between the free radicals and antioxidants in the human body is a major theme in the theory of natural health. The free radicals are natural compounds that the body produces but sometimes they are over-produced. In this situation, the free radicals start to damage cells and poison (make toxic) the body. Antioxidants serve to curb the harmful activities of the free radicals. As their name indicates, they help to detoxify. Research shows that goji berries are an excellent source of antioxidants. It follows from this that if you include them in your diet, you strengthen the forces that counteract the harm that excessive free radical activity causes.

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