For most people mushrooms are simply tasty ingredients in many dishes, but the idea that they could have certain powers is also well entrenched in folklore. Mushrooms have a mysterious quality as they seem to sprout up overnight without anyone having planted them. Many children learn about their supposed magic properties through fairy tales. Parents have to take pains to explain to them that many of the mushrooms they see in the fields could be dangerous just in case they are tempted to try one. While the mushrooms we can eat cannot perform the wonders of the fairy tale mushrooms what they can do for our health is amazing in its own right.

Vitamin booster

Scientists stress the importance of getting sufficient vitamin D. This vitamin is particularly important for bone structure development. Some people call it the "sunshine vitamin" since the main way it gets absorbed into the body is through exposal to sunlight. People who work indoors and those who live in climates where sunny days are limited may need to supplement vitamin D in their diet. This can be a problem for vegetarians since meat is one of the major sources of vitamin D. Mushrooms are an excellent alternative because they are especially rich in vitamin D content. It is also worth noting they provide good sources of vitamins A, B, and C.

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A natural antibiotic

Since penicillin is extracted from mushrooms, it should not be a big surprise to discover how they can fulfill an antibiotic function. Therefore, if you include mushrooms in your diet, it improves your resistance to infection and strengthens your immune system. Scientists have also discovered that the compounds mushrooms contain speed up the healing process for ulcers. Although you cannot use mushrooms as a substitute for taking the antibiotics you need, if you include them in your diet plan you can avoid situations where you need such medications.



Improve heart health

Concerns about heart health issues in western countries continue to grow as heart diseases become one of the most common killers. The idea of a connection between mushrooms and heart health sounds strange at first, but scientists know that this does exist. Mushrooms are very low in carbohydrates. They contain no cholesterol while their high protein content helps the body to consume cholesterol. They also help remove plaque accumulations from the walls of blood vessels. Consumption of mushrooms assists to redress an excess of LDL (bad) cholesterol over HDL (good) cholesterol to reduce risks of heart disease.

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Reduces the risk of cancer

The struggle to find a cure for this fatal disease has occupied medical researchers for many years. It seems hard to believe that a means to lower risks might be found in the kitchen rather than in the laboratory testing tube. There is encouraging evidence that mushrooms contain materials that improve cell protection and help to prevent tumors from developing. Several studies have shown how the Beta-Glucans and conjugated Linoleic Acid they contain reduces the chances of breast and prostate cancer.

cancer mushrooms


A valuable boost to iron levels

If a person lacks sufficient iron in their blood, they eventually become anemic. Once this condition develops, they start to suffer from exhaustion and experience digestive problems. They cannot think or function at their normal level and often get headaches. The doctor might recommend iron supplements, but mushrooms offer a natural and very effective alternative. The body absorbs almost all of the iron value it extracts from mushrooms. This encourages red blood cells to grow and significantly lowers the risks of anemia.

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A healthy food choice for diabetics

Someone unfortunate enough to suffer from diabetes has to be especially careful about what they eat and drink. It is challenging to make up tasty but nourishing menus within the limits the condition imposes. Mushrooms are an excellent menu choice for people with diabetes. They lack fats and cholesterol and are very low in carbohydrates. People with diabetes should appreciate the fact that the insulin naturally found in mushrooms helps disintegrate the sugar and starch in their food. From every perspective, they gain from including this food in their meal plans.

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Helps to reduce blood pressure

High blood pressure is often associated with fast-living business executives and others who take life at a too hectic pace, but it is a genuine problem for people of all backgrounds. Certain types of mushrooms seem to be effective in reducing blood pressure. In particular, the varieties called shitake and maitake are rich in potassium. This mineral relieves blood vessel tensions and stimulates flows of oxygen and blood to the brain.

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Cut down weight with the help of mushrooms

Obesity is another increasingly common health concern in North America and Western Europe. People spend a fortune on going to gyms or even having operations. Perhaps there is a cheaper but very effective way cut weight by eating more mushrooms? They supply many essential nutrients but at the same time are noteworthy for the absence of fats and cholesterol and carbohydrates. According to the results of one study replacing red meat in the meal plan with white mushrooms helps achieve major weight reductions and maintain these gains.

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The benefits of selenium

Unless you happen to have a medical or scientific background, you might not have heard about a compound called selenium. Mushrooms contain good qualities of this compound. Its presence helps to strengthen your immune system and enhance the protection of body cells and tissue. It also works as an antioxidant to remove poisons from vital organs.

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Protection against the Development of Alzheimer's Disease

One of the most intriguing claims made about the power of mushrooms is that they could help fight off the onset of the dreaded Alzheimer's disease. Experiments performed on rodents show that they contain substances that promote nerve growth in the brain. The extent they would be effective in raising human resistance to degenerative diseases remains a matter of speculation. Hopefully, future research will prove that they can have a beneficial role.

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