For most people mushrooms are simply tasty ingredients in many dishes, but the idea that they could have certain powers is also well entrenched in folklore. Mushrooms have a mysterious quality as they seem to sprout up overnight without anyone having planted them. Many children learn about their supposed magic properties through fairy tales. Parents have to take pains to explain to them that many of the mushrooms they see in the fields could be dangerous just in case they are tempted to try one. While the mushrooms we can eat cannot perform the wonders of the fairy tale mushrooms what they can do for our health is amazing in its own right.


1. Vitamin booster

Scientists stress the importance of getting sufficient vitamin D. This vitamin is particularly important for bone structure development. Some people call it the "sunshine vitamin" since the main way it gets absorbed into the body is through exposal to sunlight. People who work indoors and those who live in climates where sunny days are limited may need to supplement vitamin D in their diet. This can be a problem for vegetarians since meat is one of the major sources of vitamin D. Mushrooms are an excellent alternative because they are especially rich in vitamin D content. It is also worth noting they provide good sources of vitamins A, B, and C.

vitamin D

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