MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride and is a saturated fat that experts often point to as healthier than other saturated fats. Why? Because the body absorbs it faster and it is more readily available to be used for fuel. Pure MCT oil is difficult to come by. Most of the products available in stores are a mix of coconut and palm oil derivatives and may have less effect than the pure lab-made oil used for scientific research.


1. What Is MCT Oil?

To understand medium-chain triglycerides or MCT, we must look at their chemical makeup in comparison to long-chain triglyceride or LCT. The length of these fatty acids comes from the number of carbon molecules in each one. MCTs have between six and eight, while LCTs have ten to 12. The fewer carbon molecules a fatty acid has, the easier it is to digest. Because LCTs stay in the body longer, they are more likely to be stored as fat, while MCTs are readily available as an energy source.

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