A staple in every household fruit bowl or tennis player’s sports bag is the humble banana. Ok, the general population understands that bananas are healthy for you, quick and easy to eat, and versatile in breakfast or snacks. However, the health benefits of eating a banana a day cannot go unnoticed. Your immune system improves, and you reduce the risk of disease and indigestion problems. Plus bananas fill you up and give you more energy than before. What's not to love? Here are the best facts you never knew about how good bananas are for you.


1. Lots of potassium

Potassium: one of the critical minerals not naturally created by the body, but exactly what your body needs to function well. So where do we get it? Food. One of the highest sources of potassium is bananas. Eating just 1 -2 bananas a day can maintain proper heart function, offsetting the effect sodium and salt have in raising your blood pressure. This notion lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke. The potassium in bananas even prevents kidney stones. Suppressing calcium excretion in your urine prevents stones from forming and means there is more calcium available to preserve your bones.

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