One of the latest food trends involves the use of activated charcoal, a powerful natural treatment that is best known for its highly absorbent capabilities. For this reason, it is mostly used in various detox programs, helping the body to get rid of harmful substances. Activated charcoal can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from different foods to drinks. You can even use it topically, applying it on the hair and the skin.


1. It Helps Digestion

One of the best benefits of using activated charcoal is related to digestion: in fact, many people use it to improve the digestive process by making food less likely to cause bloating and gas during digestion. Activated charcoal works by binding the substances that cause gas as well as discomfort. You can consume this ingredient before or after a meal, but you should only do so if you are about to consume food that is prone to causing gas or other digestive issues. Remember to consume charcoal with a hefty glass of water to speed up digestion.

activated Charcoal digestion


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