If cavemen did not eat it, neither should you. That is the gist of the Paleo diet, created in the 1970s by gastroenterologist Walter Voegtlin. It is no coincidence that this diet—which is really a lifestyle—was invented by a doctor who specializes in gut health.The diet is comprised of meats, fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Anything processed—anything that comes in a box, bag, jar, or can—is avoided. Dairy products are avoided as well. The paleo diet is virtually gluten-free and dairy-free, and ideally organic and limited in salt. Are you thinking of going Paleo? You may find that you have increased overall health because the Paleo diet provides the following benefits:


1. Increased energy

Have you ever experienced sudden and dramatic highs and lows of energy throughout the day? Maybe you show up to work rearing to go, but come 2:00 pm, you can barely hold your head up. These dips in energy are common, and they’re largely due to a diet riddled with sugar and refined carbohydrates—which cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop—leaving you feeling sluggish and slow. The paleo diet is free from sugar and refined carbohydrates which cause these spikes and drops in blood sugar, allowing you to fill up on foods which provide a steady release of energy, keeping you feeling alert throughout the day.

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