The vegan diet incorporates whole, plant-based foods and eliminates animal products. The paleo diet is a regimen based on the idea that our bodies do best when fueled by foods that existed during the Paleolithic era, about 10,000 years ago. When both diets are combined, the pegan diet is born. The diets are built on the same foundation of the whole foods diet. Both vegan and paleo diets focus on foods that keep blood sugar stable and typically limit processed foods. Detoxification will result from following the pegan diet because it is inclusive, not exclusive. It is based on an abundance of low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, getting in essential vitamins and mineral.


1. Choose Low Glycemic Foods

Low glycemic foods have less of an impact on spikes in blood sugar. The lower a food’s glycemic index, the less it affects blood sugar and levels of the hormone needed to manage it. It is essential to focus on pairing carbohydrates with protein and fats to decrease the impact on blood sugar. Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans) and seeds (flax, chia, hemp) are some great examples of healthy fats. Other options include avocados, olive oil, fatty fish, and coconut.

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