Fiber, especially dietary fiber, is a key component for the adequate digestion of food. Overall, fiber helps to keep our digestive system working properly, and it keeps you feeling full. One of the biggest benefits of fiber is that it helps you have smoother bowel movements. If you don't eat enough fiber, you can suffer from constipation as well and higher levels of blood sugar. There are plenty of foods that contain high amounts of fiber, including fruits and vegetables, but also grains and some proteins. Find out ten foods that help you poop.


1. Asian Pears

Asian pears are one of the strongest sources of fiber. They contain a whopping 10 grams of fiber per fruit, and even more if you leave the skin on. This Asian fruit has been used for centuries as an ingredient in salads, savory dishes, and desserts. Aside from its ample amount of fiber, it also contains a considerable degree of vitamin C as well as vitamin K. Asian pear is mostly described as a sweet and refreshing fruit, and it can be easily found in specialty food stores. Try incorporating this food into your next salad to give it an oriental flavor.

foods to help you poop


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