Trying to stick to a diet but your stomach is always rumbling? There is a high chance that you are just choosing the wrong foods – counting calories alone is really not sufficient. Include in your diet some of the filling and nutritious foods below that won’t make you fat but will help you to lose some weight while keeping you satisfied and happy!


1. Eggs

Although there was a bit of confusion about eggs raising cholesterol levels, you are safe. And what is more, they might help you lose some weight! According to studies, people who consume eggs for breakfast eat roughly 330 fewer calories daily compared to those who eat cereal, toast, or bagels for their morning meal. Eggs are ultimate superfoods containing the “complete protein,” which refers to the nine essential amino acids contained within a single egg. This collection of amino acids is what suppresses the appetite and tells your brain and body that you’ve reached food capacity. They are also very versatile and can be prepared for breakfast, lunch or a quick dinner.



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