If you are looking for an unusual but very healthy ingredient to add to your salad, the okra plant makes an excellent choice. Okra's value is no new discovery. The plant originates in Ethiopia, and ancient civilizations used it, for example, the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra enjoyed eating it. Much more recently, okra seeds offered an acceptable substitute for scare coffee beans during the Second World War. In the following years, the average Western European or American had little if any knowledge of this plant and its uses. Today's growing interest in healthy eating and natural cures lies behind a rediscovery of okra's properties.


1. Vibrant source of nutrition

The amount of nutrients you find in a portion of okra makes it the kind of food you would want to include in your meal plans. For example, one cup contains 3.2 grams of fiber that is about an eighth of a person's daily needs. Sufficient fiber content is essential for the effective working of the digestive system. This same serving of okra also delivers 82 mg of the calcium the body needs for good bone and teeth health. In addition, you find it also contains 1.9 gram of protein and just 32 calories. These are just a few examples of its high nutritional value.

Very rich source of nutrition
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