Overeating is a contemporary problem that now affects large numbers of citizens in the developed economies. For much of human history, societies suffered from insufficient food supplies, and this situation still prevails in many Asian and African countries. In times gone by only the wealthiest of people might have suffered from overeating, but rising living standards have dramatically extended the numbers able to overeat, especially in the USA and Western Europe. Overeating takes a heavy toll in shortened lives and sicknesses. With a recent United Nations report highlighting how more people are going hungry around the word, it should also raise moral questions. Successful strategies to cut overeating include both motivational thinking and practical techniques.


1. Learn about how it can damage your health

It is notoriously hard to change eating habits. Sometimes the overeater needs to be shocked out of their complacency to make the change. Before you help yourself to that extra portion, read about how overweight people suffer from more sickness and live shorter lives than those of normal weight. In particular, notice how the incidence of diabetes and heart disease all increase for someone carrying too much weight. These statistics are frightening. They come from research done by highly respected scientists and doctors around the world. Maybe this will be sufficient to convince the reader to limit eating to basic nutritional needs.


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