There are different methods for men to control their fertility. Some of the most popular methods are condoms, vasectomy, and non-penetrative sex. Other new approaches still being researched by scientists, and include non-hormonal and vas-occlusive contraception. Two major problems make it difficult to develop new male contraception methods: first, the lack of research funding, because other than condoms, couples usually consider different types of female contraception options. Second, side effects and rare but potential complications of surgeries such as vasectomies can be a deterrent to some men.


1. Condoms

Condoms are one of the most common and efficient male birth control methods. Most of the condoms are very effective in the protection from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. However, Lambskin condoms aren't effective in the protection against sexually transmitted infections. Condoms shouldn't be used if they are previously opened, expired, dried out or torn. It is important to know how to use it correctly. Using them haphazardly will reduce their effectivity in preventing pregnancy. They should be used before contact with the vagina to prevent insemination. If a condom was correctly used, it would lessen the chance of pregnancy up to 97%.


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