When a couple decides to make a baby, they soon find out that it’s not so simple. First of all, the semen needs to go through numerous obstacles. The inner vagina is built to stop foreign invaders, including sperm. For sperm to find their way to the egg, a few things have to be in order. Then again, in spite of what many think, the success of sex is always random. That randomness is why accidents happen, and why couples often have trouble conceiving. Scientists have confirmed a few ways to help with conception. While very few things can affect a partner’s potency, there are things you can do to affect your potential pregnancy that doesn’t depend on how potent the male’s semen is. A woman’s fertility also plays a role in successful pregnancy, of course! However, your physical and mental health is incredibly important to your success. To improve your chances, you need to know these ten tips to help you get pregnant.


1. Tips to Help You Get Pregnant: Ingest Folic Acid

Folic acid is a vital nutrient that some plants contain. For example, kale overflows with it. Folic acid is essential because the mother’s body will use it to help form the fetus. Foods that are rich in antioxidants can provide this boost to the body. Mothers that wish to improve their folic acid levels will need to eat these foods on a daily basis. One important thing that couples overlook is how early the consumption should take place. The mother needs to ingest proper amounts of folic acid even before conception. If she does, the womb will be healthier, and the egg cell is more fertile than if she doesn't.

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