Conceiving is nature's way of bringing new life into this world, and the joy of having a child is priceless. Most childless couples would do anything and everything to get this free blessing. It would give them a reason to wake up in the morning and nurture their little bundle of joy. With them, they would choose pregnancy now than later. But for a couple to conceive, the man and woman must be fertile. Different factors can influence fertility. These include a person's diet, the timing of sex, lubricants and more. Fertility experts have also ruled on other ways to boost fertility. Following these ways, the couple can have their wish come true for that stork's visit. Some couples have to deal with fertility issues. They usually resort to natural ways to increase fertility to get pregnant. To help you out, here are some tips on how to boost fertility:


1. Maintain a healthy weight (for women)

Weight has been an overlooked factor when it comes to conception. Women who are either overweight or underweight have fewer chances of conceiving. Studies show that keeping a healthy weight can help with conception

Women who are obese or overweight have a harder time getting pregnant. So if you want to boost your fertility, make sure to keep a healthy weight. You can do this by eating healthy foods and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.



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