Exercise during pregnancy is an important way to keep mom strong, fit, and healthy. Some women may fear that exercise will endanger the baby, but if you do it the right way, the opposite is true. If you were physically fit before pregnancy, there is no reason to stop exercising when you get pregnant. Just follow these simple tips for safe exercise during pregnancy, and your body will seamlessly adapt to the extra weight you’re carrying in your belly.


1. Talk to your doctor

Before you start working out during pregnancy, it’s important to speak with your doctor about your specific situation. If you are carrying multiples, or you are high-risk, your doctor may tell you to refrain from any exercise other than walking. As your pregnancy progresses, she may instruct you to be even more cautious. Inform your doctor about your habits from before pregnancy. Were you physically fit before? Did you regularly do cardio, yoga, or Pilates— or perhaps you play tennis? Your doctor may tell you to continue doing physical activity that your body is accustomed to and to be cautious when starting any new type of exercise.


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