Birth control is an important practice, especially for those who enjoy an active sexual life. However, most people are somewhat ignorant when it comes to having adequate knowledge about the various aspects of birth control including the different methodologies available, correct usage and dosage, so on and so forth. In fact, there are several misconceptions relating to birth control that most people believe because they have no reliable source to tell them otherwise. Therefore, here is a list of birth control myths which, if you were unaware are false, will come as a surprise but a necessary educative experience, so read on!


1. Birth control makes you gain weight.

“I don’t want to gain weight” is an annoying and, in the end, a false rationale for avoiding the use of oral contraceptives. Now different people react differently to different medications. While birth control pills do affect a woman’s hormones, it can cause temporary reactions like acne, weight gain, and even weight loss in some. But the weight gain is, in most cases, temporary fluid retention, and that too in insignificant amounts. Nonetheless, if you are really concerned about weight gain, talk with your MD about the possibility of taking another brand of birth control pills. And remember: condom use is not related with weight gain in any manner.


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