Popular cat names differ by country, of course, but in the English-speaking world, certain cat names continue to be favored over and over again. Naming your pet is a milestone, so you never want to take it lightly. You might want to confer a name on your cat that suits its looks or possibly even its attitude. After naming your cat, it might not always answer to the name you've chosen, but then again, it might purr its approval.


1. Feline Family

Cats are, in fact, related to lions, so it’s not surprising that they walk around the house as if they own the jungle. Many people have taken to naming their kittens or cats Tiger in reference to its wild lineage. Names like Tiger can illustrate a cat’s ferocious temperament or striped coat. Other feline-friendly names for your pet might include Cheetah, Puma, Caracal, and Lynx.

felines cat names

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