Whether they own one cat or ten, many Americans are crazy for cats. Some owners prefer cats with longer hair; others prefer cats with shorter hair. Some others even like cats with no hair.  Every prospective cat owner usually has an idea of the type of cat they would like to adopt. The breed of the cat greatly influences its appearance, temperament and sometimes even personality. The most popular cat breeds in America are often based on factors such as physical appearance and intelligence, but in the end, it usually comes down to which individual cat you love the most.


1. Persian

The Persian is perfect for hands-on cat owners. It has long, thick hair that requires frequent brushing and sometimes it even needs a haircut to stay cool. Hailing from Iran, this cat is known for its quiet, calm demeanor. It is very affectionate toward its owner, unlike some other breeds that can be standoffish. Its lifespan is around 10-13 years as well, so it is a great long-term companion. Persians are great cats for both houses and apartments and tend to prefer indoor living to the outdoors.

Persian cat breeds


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