Energetic kids can find it tough to be confined indoors during bad weather or on a long, boring car ride. For young children especially, many dull hours spent indoors can lead to boredom and cranky behavior. So, it's a good idea to have a selection of fun and simple games ready to alleviate boredom and keep everyone entertained. These games also help to reduce time spent staring at screens and passes the hours until kids can play outdoors again.


1. Building Activities

This is a great way to fire up children's imaginations without spending a dime, by simply using unwanted items you have lying around the house. Kids can spend many happy hours using discarded cardboard boxes, bottles, newspapers, and containers to build castles, forts or whatever they can dream up. Apart from clean boxes and containers, all you need to provide are scissors, tape and perhaps paint if you don't mind a little mess. For older kids, you can add in an element of competition to see who can build the highest tower using only recycled materials.

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