Teething is a natural process that marks the emergence of an infant's first set of teeth. At the time of birth, these teeth, also known as deciduous teeth or milk teeth, lie just below the gums. Teething refers to the time just before and during the period when these teeth break through the skin. The process can be discomforting for infants. It’s not uncommon for babies to feel irritable during the day and unable to sleep well at night. Understanding the process and learning how to soothe teething infants cope help parents cope more easily with this milestone.


1. When Do Babies Start Teething?

Most babies begin teething between the age of six and ten months. Some babies exhibit their first tooth as early as three months of age, but this is quite rare, as is teething beyond the first year. It typically takes a couple of years for all the "baby" teeth to come in, with all established by the age of three.

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