Choosing a name for a new baby is a fun and exciting process, but it's also a big decision and responsibility. Some parents choose to stick to classic and timeless names, while others prefer to follow current trends or even invent a unique moniker for their new arrival. Many new parents decide to search for a name that carries a special meaning. There are many baby names, both classic and more modern, that bestow a special message for a new baby boy or girl.


The boys' name Gabriel comes from a Hebrew name and means 'God is my strength.' It is a name that has special meaning for several religions. In the Old Testament, Gabriel is an archangel who frequently appears to deliver messages from God. In the Islamic faith, the angel Gabriel passed the words of the Qur'an to Muhammad. For parents who love the name Gabriel but are expecting a girl, there are several feminine forms. Popular choices are Gabrielle and Gabriela.

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Diana is an elegant girls' name meaning 'heavenly' or 'divine.' Interestingly, Diana was the Roman moon goddess, who was also especially connected to hunting and women in childbirth. The moniker has been common as a given name since the Renaissance. Diana also has royal connotations. Baby girls called Diana share their name with the late Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales and a beloved public figure in the United Kingdom.

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Isaac could be the perfect name for a baby boy with a good sense of humor, as it is derived from the Hebrew name Yitzchaq meaning 'he will laugh.' The explanation behind this unusual meaning comes from the Bible, when Abraham and his elderly wife Sarah both laugh when God tells them they will have a son, Isaac. Baby boys called Isaac share their name with the famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727).

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This classic girls' name originates from the Hebrew name Channah. It means 'favor' or 'grace.' In the Old Testament, Hannah was the wife of Elkanah. She was unable to bear children until she received a blessing from Eli and fell pregnant with her son, Samuel. Hannah first became popular as a given name after the Reformation. Fans of the name Hannah may also like the popular Greek and Latin version, Anna.

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The masculine name Edward comes from Old English meaning 'wealthy guard'. It's a name with regal origins, having been a common name for Anglo-Saxon kings. Later, many English kings also bore the moniker. Edward is unusual because it is one of the only Old English names to be popular throughout Europe in different forms.

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This is a beautiful girls' name from the Latin word for 'star.' The name was invented by Sir Philip Sidney, a 16th-century poet, who used the name in his sonnets Astrophel and Stella. Stella became popular as a first name in the 19th century. It was famously used for a character in the famous play 'A Streetcar Named Desire,' written in 1947 by Tennessee Williams.

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Owen is a name commonly used in Wales, Ireland, and England. It is a variation on the Welsh name Owain and is believed to mean 'youth' Historically, Owen has been a name for warriors. Owain was the name of one of the Knights of the Round Table and was also borne by Owain Glyndwyr, who led Welsh resistance against the English in the 14th century. For those expecting a girl, Owenna is the feminine variation of Owen.

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This ever-popular Hebrew name means 'princess' or 'noblewoman.' The name has biblical roots as Sarah appears in the Bible as the name given to Abraham's wife, who miraculously fell pregnant with Isaac at the age of 90. Sarah became popular as a given name after the Reformation and has various pretty variations. Names related to Sarah include Sarai, Sara, and Sarina.

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The name Ryan takes its roots from the Irish surname O Riain, which means 'the descendant of Rian.' However, the given name Ryan (or Rian) is believed to mean 'little king'. Ryan is a popular given name for boys in Ireland, the UK, and the USA. Since the 1970s, Ryan has also become more common as a name for girls in America.

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Vivian is a unisex given name that comes from the Latin name Vivianus. This was derived from the word 'vivus,' which means 'full of life.' There was a Saint Vivian in 5th century France. Vivian has appeared as a male given name since the Middle Ages. More recently, it has been more commonly bestowed on girls. Popular feminine variations of Vivian include Vivi, Viviane, and Vivien.

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