Any parent of a newborn should expect sleep regressions periodically as their baby grows into a toddler. Sleep regressions are extremely frustrating, especially if you just spent weeks trying various sleep-training methods. If your baby was finally sleeping through the night and is all of a sudden waking up frequently again, you might wonder what's going on. The truth is that sleep regressions are a normal part of child development and, though it may not seem like it, they will pass in time.


1. What Is a Sleep Regression?

Sleep regressions are changes in sleeping patterns. They can be drastic but are most often temporary, though some babies require another round of sleep training to reiterate good sleeping habits. Sleep regressions are brought on by a variety of factors, including changes in the environment or routine. Babies nearing developmental milestones can also experience sleep regression, which is why this issue is somewhat predictable.

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