Thrush is a common infection seen mostly in babies six months old or younger. You have germs that normally live on or in your body. One of these germs is a yeast called Candida albicans. With a normal immune system, your body keeps these germs in check. Unfortunately, your little one’s immune system is still forming, and they may not be able to keep the yeast in check. When the yeast flourishes in your baby’s mouth, it causes thrush. If you are breastfeeding, your baby can spread the thrush to you. Thrush can also affect formula-fed babies.


1. Look for Sores Inside the Mouth

You may notice that your little one has white or yellow patches inside their mouth. These patches are found on the inner cheeks, tongue, lips, gums and the roof of the mouth. Cracks on the corners of the mouth are also common. In extreme cases, the patches can extend into the esophagus and cause painful swallowing.

sores Thrush

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