Congratulations on your bundle of joy! It is a great idea to start breastfeeding. Not all mothers can commit to breastfeeding for various, valid reasons and that is okay, too. However, if you want to breastfeed your baby, there are several things you should know ahead of time. That way, you can have the best experience possible while on this journey. Check out these ten breastfeeding hints for a healthy start.


1. It Will Hurt, But Only For a Little Bit

Breastfeeding is rewarding but challenging. For the first several weeks it will be painful as your nipples become sore and cracked. When you take a shower, the water itself may even hurt because your nipples are so raw. After the first month or so, the pain will subside as breastfeeding becomes more comfortable for both you and your baby. Even though sore nipples are basically inevitable, achieving the right latch is essential, which will reduce soreness. Because your baby’s mouth is so tiny at first, this causes an awkward latch that can be painful. However, this is temporary; the more your baby breastfeeds, the easier it will be for him or her to latch on properly. The lower part of your breast and areola should go into the baby’s mouth. That way, your nipple will touch the high palate of his or her mouth and simulate sucking.



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